Top 10 phone apps in the interiors design industry

Top 10 phone apps in the interiors design industry

If you want to make your businesses grow easily today in the interior design industry, you have to learn how to adapt to the changes in the use of technology. Technology is not just a tool that can be used to help you send email, type or to search. If you think that’s all what technology is made of then you should have a rethink. Listed in this article are the Top 10 phone apps in the interiors design industry that will be useful at each point in the design process.

1. Home Interior Design HD- This app is designed with the latest technology in comparison to other interior design app by overdamped. It has high quality graphics with six main categories which includes bedroom, living room, home interior, dining room/ kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor.

2. Sun Seeker- This app determines the sunshine obtainable in any room at whatever time with the use of your iPhone’s built-in GPS system which tells you the direction you are facing and draw out the path of the prospective rays.

3. Mark on call- This is the ideal app for those who really want to make something out of interior design. It is developed by M.O.C Interior Design, it helps in designing the plan of rooms to the exact size, making it possible for you to add floors and place furniture with a few clicks. You can share your works with friends and other designers with this app.

4. Home Sizer- Would you like a new home? This app developed by Armchair Design allows you to compute the dimension of a home or make estimations on the various functions to be constructed in the home. You can also use it to estimate the expenses to be made per square footage; as well as your mortgage payment etc.

5. Home Improvement Glossary- This is, designed by Deep Powder Software, is made available to those who love new interior design. It is very easy to use and understand.

6. Architonic- This app is aimed at architects and designers, this resource takes note of everything from sanitary ware through garden furnishings to a multitude of various door handles in addition to portfolios of finished projects.

7. Interior Design Photo Library- this app, developed by NEC Biglobe, enables you see the different ways on how to make use of furniture you have, it comes along with various home galleries built in North America for you to see and get ideas from.

8. I.D Wood- This app developed by Double Dog Studios is ideal if you want to modernize or build a new home. You can check over 160 samples of various woods that can be used for cabinets or floors; the cost, how long it can last, description etc.

9. Ben Color Capture- Do you want to modernize your home? This app is all you need developed by Benjamin Moore. With the use of an advanced technology, this app can make you take a picture of whichever object or color on a wall or in a magazine and matches it with similar object or color. Lastly, it also can also help you produce color combos.

10. Dream Home- This app, developed by Apalon, can help you design your room perfectly. It has over a thousand picture galleries of various homes, rooms and varieties of design. It can also help you clip and save those pictures you like on the spot. You can also upload pictures of rooms you designed as well

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