The Ten Best Home Improvement Apps

Starting a home improvement project can be daunting to say the least. There are so many factors to consider: time, cost, available space, getting a good quality job done, etc. Even if you are a professional in the business, managing multiple projects can be a complex endeavor. Fortunately, our smartphones can go a surprisingly long way toward cutting out some of the confusion, hassle, and unexpected costs involved in home repair.
Before you begin your next home improvement project, be sure to have these ten useful apps installed:

1.)   Pitch Gauge: The #1 downloaded roofing app. This great app will help you determine what pitch your roof is at, using your iPhone’s built-in camera. This app is useful for measuring existing roof slopes and matching an adjacent roof to the same slope.

2.)   iHandy Carpenter: Can’t find your ruler, protractor, bubble leveler, plumb bob, or surface leveler? This app has you covered!

3.)   Home Sizer:    This app will help you design an entire home. Compare the costs of supplies, materials, and figure out square footage for the project—even factor in mortgage payments and interest!

4.)   Home Interior Layout Designer: Mark On Call: Design rooms, create floor plans, generate shopping lists, see what will fit where, and save yourself a ton of time. “It’s the next best thing to hiring a designer or having an assistant.” Apartment Therapy

5.)   Palettes:   This app completely takes the frustration out of trying to match paint or fabric colors in your home improvement project. It allows you to grab colors from whatever you want and create a matching color scheme–Anywhere, anytime.

6.)   Work Shop:    The Work Shop app allows you to order supplies and keep track of them for multiple home improvement projects. Make lists and budget how much you will spend on supplies before you begin a project. Keep track of billing and stock.

7.)   Crown Molding Angle Finder:   This app will help you calculate miter and bevel angles, potentially saving you a lot of time and waste when you attempt to install new crown molding.

8.)   BalusterPro:   This app isn’t just useful for stair balusters; it can also be used on other projects where equal spacing is important (i.e., fences, floor decking, and benches).

9.)   Home Improvement Glossary:   For the novice, the world of home improvement can seem like it has a language all its own. This handy glossary of terms will go a long way to demystifying what you need to know for your next project.

10.)   Interior Design Photo Library:   Who doesn’t need a little inspiration sometimes? This app lets you thumb through dozens of interior photographs, in order to help you visualize a space and get professional ideas for your interiors without hiring a designer.

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