Should Facebook Users Change Password following Heartbleed attack?

The Internet is now Buzzing with the name one of the most effective security vulnerability in the past several years called Heartbleed. This is a vulnerability concerning the Open SSL technology used by almost 2/3 of all the websites on the internet with encryption / SSL enabled. The hit list is huge and includes almost all the popular websites we use on a daily basis like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Bank websites etc.

How is Facebook affected by the Heartbleed attack?

Even though Facebook also uses the Open SSL for secure website data transfer (which makes them vulnerable to heartbleed), they have confirmed to close this vulnerability couple of months back before the issue was identified. This has saved several personal accounts from being hacked and in effect saves time for the FB users too.

Do I need to Reset my Facebook Password to be safe from Heartbleed?

Even though Heartbleed attack and passwords aren’t directly related, even password hashes could be stolen with this vulnerability exposed. If you use facebook, it isn’t  a bad idea to reset your password and secure it.

How does Facebook respond to Heartbleed vulnerability bug?

Facebook assures that their accounts are safe and secured. Below is a response screenshot from Facebook when contacted by Mashable along with other top companies on the internet. As an effort to recover from the attack or to close the vulnerability, companies are patching them with the required patch and further restarting their servers and systems.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.08.59 PM

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