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How to Create Custom Facebook Apps

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This is a tutorial to guide users on how to create specific Facebook apps which can help drive more traffic into one’s website, social media page, newsletter or homepage. On the Facebook page, one needs to scroll to the bottom to click Developer and then register. Once this is done, the menu bar shows an option for apps, from where a new app can be created. The entire activity is displayed in this video. URLs of the app on Facebook are then entered. Characteristics of the app are shown. The user shows how to add a Facebook tab. In this...

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Enhance Your Web Presence with Custom Facebook Applications

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  Facebook, as we know, is the most popular thing on earth nowadays after Google. And its user-friendly timeline has made many hearts and minds become fond of it.  That’s a story of a common profile, but many businesses are still wondering how to enhance their pages by this wonderful site. Let’s take a look at a few of the popular Facebook applications that are fully compatible with a timeline, and will Enhance Your Web Presence with Custom Facebook Applications: – Using Facebook Forum If you run a page where there is a...

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How you can manage social media better

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Managing a range of different social media profiles can be hectic, time consuming and a little bit stressful. However, luckily enough, there are a range of social media management applications and services available for you to use. Below is a roundup of some of the best ones on offer! Hootsuite Hootsuite is a very popular social media management system. It has been around for many years now and has a very loyal customer base! Small businesses through to large corporations use Hootsuite to manage their social media campaigns. Hootsuite is...

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The Best Social Media Management System

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Best Social Media Management System 2015 Sprout Social is a social media management system, which allows you to organise, schedule, monitor and manage your social media campaigns. There are many different benefits to be had from utilising Sprout Social and I will list some of these below! Price First and foremost, Sprout Social is priced very affordable, which is great for those of you who may be on a tight budget! The platform has three different pricing options so you can choose which best suits your needs and go from there. Along with this...

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How to find the perfect hotel in Melbourne

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Melbourne is a big city, with lots of different hotels to choose from. Finding the best boutique hotel in Melbourne has to offer can mean something different for each individual person. Some are looking for free WiFi, some are looking for the best pool, and some want modest accommodations at the best price. No matter what your definition of the perfect hotel is, this list of tips will help you find the room you are looking for. Consider your budget. The first step of looking for the best boutique accommodation in Melbourne has is to think...

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Should Facebook Users Change Password following Heartbleed attack?

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The Internet is now Buzzing with the name one of the most effective security vulnerability in the past several years called Heartbleed. This is a vulnerability concerning the Open SSL technology used by almost 2/3 of all the websites on the internet with encryption / SSL enabled. The hit list is huge and includes almost all the popular websites we use on a daily basis like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Bank websites etc. How is Facebook affected by the Heartbleed attack? Even though Facebook also uses the Open SSL for secure website data transfer...

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5 top Dental Health apps for Healthy Teeth

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It’s old news that there’s an app for everything. We all know there are hundreds of health apps out there, but what about dental health apps? Your dental health is one of the most important things to keep track of, and there are a number of apps out there made specifically to help you stay on top of your dental game. We have gathered the 5 most important apps that encourage good dental hygiene, and have listed them and explained them here. 1. Dental Expert This app, by Cosmetic Innovations, is a great resource for everything...

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Best Facebook Apps of March 2014

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Finding the best Facebook applications has been a challenge for Facebook users as there is so many good apps to try and test! We try and test the most popular Facebook applications every month and publish the top ten for our readers. Below are the most popular Facebook applications for the month of March 2014. Let us know if you would like to recommend any more that hasn’t made it to our list. [su_box title=”Best Facebook Applications of 2014″ style=”soft” box_color=”#e7a206″...

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Top 10 phone apps in the interiors design industry

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Top 10 phone apps in the interiors design industry If you want to make your businesses grow easily today in the interior design industry, you have to learn how to adapt to the changes in the use of technology. Technology is not just a tool that can be used to help you send email, type or to search. If you think that’s all what technology is made of then you should have a rethink. Listed in this article are the Top 10 phone apps in the interiors design industry that will be useful at each point in the design process. 1. Home Interior Design...

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