How to find the perfect hotel in Melbourne

Melbourne is a big city, with lots of different hotels to choose from. Finding the best boutique hotel in Melbourne has to offer can mean something different for each individual person. Some are looking for free WiFi, some are looking for the best pool, and some want modest accommodations at the best price. No matter what your definition of the perfect hotel is, this list of tips will help you find the room you are looking for.


Consider your budget. The first step of looking for the best boutique accommodation in Melbourne has is to think about how much you are willing to spend. You might not know exactly how much you are willing to pay until you look at the average cost of accommodation and what goes along with those prices.

Consider what amenities you want. Some people just want a soft pillow and a clean set of sheets for the night. Others are looking for more upscale rooms, with access to pools, bars, and room service. Think about what kind of amenities you need, and factor those things into your budget. The more expensive a room it, the more features it is likely to have. On the other hand, modest rooms will be less expensive and may still have all the necessities.

What location is best for your stay? Different Melbourne neighborhoods are going to offer different princes. Is there a specific event or location that you want to be near? Or do you just want to stay somewhere in the city, enabling you to explore all of Melbourne’s sights? If you are not particular when it comes to room location, you will have a better chance of finding the perfect hotel at a better price. In some cases, however, the perfect hotel may be the one that closest to your event.

Do you have any special requests for the room? Some visitors need down pillows. Some prefer foam pillows. Some need extra blankets or want to be able to smoke in their room. If you require anything extra in order to make your stay comfortable, find a hotel that allows you to make special requests or to will accommodate any special needs that you have.

Look for discounts and loyalty programs. Even expensive hotels will offer discounts from time to time and many chains of hotels offer loyalty programs. One of the most popular discounts is for a free WiFi/internet hotel. Melbourne hotels will often have these kinds of deals, for the savvy traveler who is willing to do a little bit of research or even simply ask the hotel staff. The perfect hotel will be the one that provides you with everything you want and need, at a price that you can afford—and you can sometimes find a better room at a lower price if you look for discounts and loyalty program rewards.

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