Facebook Fan Page Strategy

A Facebook fan page is a powerful tool for a company, startup or otherwise. A strategically maintained fan page helps spread brand awareness, leading to more potential clients visiting your website and eventually towards improving profits. Here are some strategies to get those likes and procure a loyal clientele.

Engage in conversations

Respond to comments and if the commenters seem comfortable with talking about your post further, join in. If someone is genuinely interested in a post you put up, it would be rude not to participate. To encourage commenting, do not upload a series of posts in rapid succession. Upload one post, give it a few hours to see how people respond to it and get involved when you can before posting something else. This keeps the attention of your fans on that post for a while whereas finding many new posts when your fan page loads would make them skip over some entirely.

Give it a personal touch

Rather than keeping your personal life entirely away from work, let in bits and pieces of it on your fan page. After all, the very idea of Facebook was founded on informality. Post about events, thoughts and occasions from your life that are important to you. Your son’s graduation, a get-together you had with old friends or something really silly your dog did are all things you can write about. This builds a connection between you and your fans that go beyond the limits of corporate interest. Let yourself be seen as a fellow human while also being good at what you do.

Cooperate with other bloggers

Find out and be active in websites or fan pages of other blogs that interest you. You can later ask them to mention the link to your fan page in return for you mentioning theirs. Shout outs like this are beneficial to both of you. You may trade shutouts with bloggers who share similar interests or who blog about things you personally like. In addition to increasing traffic, this may serve as adding a human touch to your page.

Involve fans in decisions

Crowdsourcing works! If you’re thinking of making changes to a product or service or launching a new one altogether, ask your fans how they want it to be. Involving your fans in big decisions not only makes it easier for you, it also makes them feel they are important to you. Take their ideas into consideration and if you implement them, post feedback and thank them for their support. This will ensure the building up of a loyal community who will support you in future endeavours.

Make your page interactive

In light of an important date or event, organise contests, campaigns, raffles and giveaways. Ask your fans to invite others to join in on the fun or share the post on their wall. Once you have built a sufficiently large group of followers, ask your fans what they expect from the fan page and plan future posts based on their input. Two-way communication can strengthen the bond between you and your fans.

Vary your content

Your page should be a mix of different types of posts – informative, entertaining and educational. You should also try to mingle video posts into your text and photo posts as different people respond better to different types of media. Needless to say, scrolling through the same type of post for too long gets monotonous especially if the content is only moderately interesting. You can also redirect your fans from your fan page to your blog or company website for a change. Variety is the spice of life after all. So, mix it up!

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