Enhance Your Web Presence with Custom Facebook Applications


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Facebook, as we know, is the most popular thing on earth nowadays after Google. And its user-friendly timeline has made many hearts and minds become fond of it.  That’s a story of a common profile, but many businesses are still wondering how to enhance their pages by this wonderful site. Let’s take a look at a few of the popular Facebook applications that are fully compatible with a timeline, and will Enhance Your Web Presence with Custom Facebook Applications:

– Using Facebook Forum

If you run a page where there is a lot of discussion about different topics, then I think the forum is the best way to enable, your fan get started. You can do by adding the app to your official Facebook page. It is worth a try for market research and increasing fan interaction to your page

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– Using Scribd for Portfolio Sites

If you need to promote your product to your fans with pictures, slide shows and presentations in powerpoint and PDF’s, documents  use the Scribd app, It will going to help you a lot in delivering the more detail of your particular product and Scribd is for Facebook. Your fans on your page will love it.

– Benefits of Google Maps

If you run a business where customer come and go, and people search for you on the Internet, and if your business rely on a lot of walk-in traffic. So here is what you should, well make it easy for your customers to find your shop by including the ‘Google Maps’ app in your timeline, it will directly take you to the place of your business site.

– For Bloggers

Are you a blogger and looking for a blog app? Start using RSS for Pages, and this is going to let your fans to able to read blogs of your business directly from your Facebook timeline.

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– Using Pinterest App

For you it will be great news, especially if you are a Pinterest app fan; now you can easily add your Pinterest profile to your business page on Facebook.  Your fans and potential customers will be able to see all of your great marketing-orientated images that you shared on Pinterest.

– Using YouTube Video and feeds App

If your business makes a YouTube feed, then it’s possible to get your feeds on Facebook. It will sound good to hear that your video will much larger hit than it used to be, across your entire Facebook page. It is a great way to Enhance Your Web Presence with Custom Facebook Applications.

-With Twitter App

As you have seen on other Facebook pages, they are linked by twitter and synchronized. This app on your page is a must-have because of its great benefits, Use for any purpose like to give your Facebook fans some interesting and juicy info about your business.

-FAQ App

Frequently asked the question is a way to let your customer comment and ask things they are having trouble with. Get a Facebook app built that will compliment your business presence. It’s better in case if your main objective is to sell your ‘ebooks’ then get an app built that does this especially for you.

Author: Brianne Walt

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