5 top Dental Health apps for Healthy Teeth

It’s old news that there’s an app for everything. We all know there are hundreds of health apps out there, but what about dental health apps? Your dental health is one of the most important things to keep track of, and there are a number of apps out there made specifically to help you stay on top of your dental game. We have gathered the 5 most important apps that encourage good dental hygiene, and have listed them and explained them here.

1. Dental Expert

This app, by Cosmetic Innovations, is a great resource for everything related to dental care. You can use the guide portion of the app to answer your questions about how to keep your teeth healthy, how to address dental emergencies, tips to reducing anxiety on your next trip to the dentist, and how to pick out the qualities that make a dentist right for you. It explains the causes and treatments of certain oral diseases, and even little known facts like how to address dental care during pregnancy. All the information on the app has been answered by dental experts, and even includes a gallery of photos to show you the evolution of modern dentistry and how far we have come.

2. The Beambrush App

The Beambrush is a bluetooth equipped toothbrush that monitors how long and also how well you brush your teeth through a mobile app. While you are brushing, make sure to sync the brush with your phone to see the statistics on your brushing habits. You can track your brushing data for several months and show it to your dentists for reference. The app will soon have updates that will play music while you brush, and best social media rewards for following good oral health guidelines, both incentives devised to help kids take more care when learning to brush their teeth.

best android apps for dental health

3. Kids Dental Health

This app was created to educate children on oral hygiene. The app educates children with games, visuals, and fun music to make brushing their teeth more fun. They can choose their own characters and storyline, and guide the character through the story, advancing by choosing the right actions in games about dental care and choosing the right foods for your teeth. They can read the stories themselves or use the read to me feature, which will narrate the entire story to them. The app has continuous updates and new games, and is perfect for a young child just learning to brush his/her teeth.

4. Whiten Your Teeth

 This app is made for Android and is said to actually whiten your teeth if used correctly. In the dentists office, a whitening agent is applied to the teeth and then struck with electromagnetic rays to bleach the teeth. The app is said to whiten your teeth by emitting the rays without applying the coating of whitening agent. The app will bring up the white light, which you can then hold to your teeth for ten seconds waiting for the whitening to occur. You should see a difference in as little as one month.


Flossy is an app designed to help you remember to floss every day, one of the most important and most neglected parts of dental hygiene. Once you have flossed, press the button saying “I flossed today!” The app will record your flossing history so that you can keep track of how often you flossed and make it a daily habit. You can also set alarms and notifications that will alert you when it is time to floss or if you’ve missed a few days. It can be a great motivator to help maintain a health flossing ritual.

Of course, none of these apps are sufficient enough to replace a dentist, but can be especially helpful to keep you on track with your dental care. Most dentists encourage them, because they help patients maintain healthy teeth for longer and make their visits to the dentists more pleasant.

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